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Swipe at smudges with the ultra cleaning cloth! It's got a thicker, heavier microfiber fabric than usual and feels more substantial in hand. At 9" x 12" this item is perfect for use on tablet screens, smartphones, and glasses without leaving a scratch. Have your logo imprinted in full color along with a QR code. Clients will love learning more about you while they tidy things up! Order today!
$1.74 and up
The ultimate in useful souvenirs comes in a small package! The ultra cloth is measured at 6" x 6" and is contained in a clamshell retail pack. There's a pre-printed card inserted, but the back insert can be customized with your logo and message. Tell clients that they can use this full color microfiber material to wipe the smudges and fingerprints off of electronic screens and glasses. They will quickly pick it up and thank you for the info!
$2.09 and up
The most popular way to package. Our light weight cloth. The premium microfiber cloth makes an excellent customer appreciation gift.
$0.87 and up
When clients get a hold of this suede cloth, they'll know that you truly understand high quality. The soft microfiber fabric works great to clean dust, smudges, and fingerprints from glasses, electronics, and jewelry. It measures 10" x 10" and comes packed in a vinyl pouch for easy storage and transportation. Add a full color image and get it complete with a sewn edge and matte finish. Make this your next lead-grabbing giveaway!
$2.20 and up
Keep your items looking like new with the suede bulk cloth. At a size of 10" x 10", this item works great for tablet screens and other electronics as well as wiping the smudges off of glasses. You can imprint a clear, colorful image thanks to our full color process, and after you add your logo, you're all set for an amazing promotional opportunity. Give this to clients for something they'll always remember!
$1.55 and up
Pick an item for your business that's useful and will sell thanks to its colorful display. The ultra cloth comes in a clamshell retail pack with a pre-printed card and customizable back insert. The microfiber material measures at 6" x 6" and is great for getting rid of smudges and fingerprints on electronic screens and glasses. Choose from many colors and have your logo imprinted to stay at the forefront of customers' minds.
$1.59 and up
Give people something useful with the suede cloth bulk. It's measured at 6" x 6" and is great for those moments when you need to wipe off electronics, glasses, or even CDs and DVDs. You can choose from four great colors and have your logo imprinted (along with a QR code) to complete the look. Anyone who gets this won't be able to deny how your company has helped them out! Order today!
$0.74 and up
The large 12" x 12" suede cloth is exactly what you need to keep your precious items in their best shape. The soft microfiber fabric works great to clear the smudges and fingerprints off of monitors, glasses, and electronics. It comes packed in a vinyl pouch so you can throw it in your pocket book or glove compartment for quick and easy access. Imprint your artwork using our full color process and enhance your marketing strategy!
$2.42 and up
Always have a handy solution to your cleaning conundrums with the suede cloth. It comes in a vinyl pouch for easy storage and transportation. The 6" x 6" size makes this perfect for use against the smudges on glasses and small electronics. With a crisp and clear imprint of your company's artwork and logo, you can give your clients a gift they'll always remember. Order this fantastic item today!
$1.20 and up
With the Premium collection, you'll begin to see everything clearly. Inside of a drawstring bag sits a clear 2 fl. oz. bottle of cleaning solution, a 6" x 6" microfiber cloth and an eyeglass repair kit (including 1 screwdriver, 2 soft nose pads, 4 screws and 2 temple spacers). The container measures 5.25" x 1.25", and the liquid inside will allow you to clean glasses and electronics with ease! Give this to customers to generate a big buzz for your business!
$3.43 and up
If you're ready for a clear view, put the power in your hands with the ultra cleaning cloth. It's made of a microfiber material that's thicker and heavier than our normal offerings and measures 10" x 10". This is great for wiping down monitors, electronics, and eyeglasses. Imprint this with your logo and a QR code and allow people an easy way to come back to you for more. Invest in this great promotion today!
$1.64 and up
Take an item with you that will keep all of your precious things clean. The suede cloth bulk measures a large 12" x 12", but is easily folded down for easy storage in a glove compartment or pocket book. Use the microfiber fabric to clear the smudges and fingerprints off of glasses and electronics. The full color processing allows you to add artwork and a logo in fantastic detail. Take advantage of this great marketing opportunity today!
$1.77 and up
Start every event with a clean slate by choosing this Ultra Clear Cleaner Kit! packaged in clear drawstring bag, this handy collection of supplies includes a clear, 2 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner and 6" x 6" microfiber full color cloth. A great promotional product for eye doctor, hotels, or eyewear retailers, this portable package is a creative way to increase brand visibility. Add this must-have cleaning kit to your marketing line-up today!
$3.54 and up
Make an impression that people won't forget with the ultra cloth. This 1-color item comes in 3" x 2.25", full color bottle necker packaging so that when clients buy bottles, they'll be even more delighted by the gift that sits on the outside! The microfiber fabric measures 6" x 6" and can shine the glass used before drinking. Imprint your company logo and give your clients something that they'll truly love!
$1.24 and up
The ultra cleaning cloth is the perfect cleaning accessory to have next to your glasses or electronics. It's made of a thick, heavy microfiber material that measures at 8" x 8" and will clean smudges and fingerprints off of screens without leaving a scratch. Imprint your logo to this item along with a QR code and hand this out to people at your next tradeshow. They'll appreciate the use they get out of it and remember you for your great products!
$1.28 and up
Keeping things in their best shape is made easy with the Premium white cleaner kit. Simply open the drawstring bag and pull out the white, 2 fl. oz. bottle of cleaning solution and the 6" x 6" microfiber cloth. Apply to sunglasses, eyeglass lenses or computer or TV screens, and wipe them down for a whole new view! When eye doctors or electronic shops print their logo on this item, they're telling customers to trust them with the upkeep of their precious items. When clients get this, they'll do just that!
$2.89 and up
Open up this neat, compact vinyl pouch to reveal a 6" x 6" cloth. It's great for clearing smudges and fingerprints on glasses, electronics, and jewelry. It even comes in full color! Your logo will show up alongside a QR code for a presentation that your clients won't be able to miss! Make this available to them at the next tradeshow or event and generate a buzz that will take your company to the next level!
$1.05 and up
Have you gotten your screen dirty? No worries! Just whip out the ultra cleaner for smartphones and you'll get it clean in no time. The microfiber fabric is great for wiping off delicate electronic surfaces and glasses. Get rid of the smudges and fingerprints on your tablet while you're at it. Imprint your company logo on this one-color (silver only) item and hand it out to customers as a generous thank you gift!
$0.54 and up
Clean your glasses with one of the best products you can find when you use this ultra-useful set. Within a drawstring bag sits a clear 2 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner and a 6" x 6" microfiber cloth. Just apply to eyeglasses or electronics and wipe clean! The bottle measures at 5.25" x 1.25" and is easily transported from one place to the next. Print your logo on this item and let clients come to you for answers to their cleaning problems.
$3.05 and up
It's time to pull out the pouch! Just press the vinyl container between your fingers and out pops a premium POP Cloth measuring at 6" x 6"! This is great to always have around if you wear glasses or have small electronics to take care of. Choose from twenty-five great colors and customize this item with your logo. Hand it out to customers and they'll show off their new gift to everyone else, granting your brand even more exposure!
$0.98 and up
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