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Cool Swipe (TM) powered by Digiclean (R) Plus is the best sticky screen cleaner. Antimicrobial. Stunning full-color graphics sticks to all tech devices, computers, tablets and most protective cases. Swipe is places on a 2" x 3.5" backing card and inserted into a clear poly bag.
$1.54 and up
If you're ready for a clear view, put the power in your hands with the ultra cleaning cloth. It's made of a microfiber material that's thicker and heavier than our normal offerings and measures 10" x 10". This is great for wiping down monitors, electronics, and eyeglasses. Imprint this with your logo and a QR code and allow people an easy way to come back to you for more. Invest in this great promotion today!
$1.39 and up
Add a useful tool to your arsenal with the ultra Opper Fiber(R) cleaner. This microfiber cloth was made specifically for use with existing tablet cases and will keep your screen clean and protected. It's also good for use against other items likes glasses. Print your logo to this item and give this to clients to broaden your brand reach. Every time it's opened or closed they will see it and be reminded of your services.
$1.71 and up
Wipe away the dust and streaks with this premium POP Cloth (TM) in a vinyl pop pouch. Just press on the container with your thumb and forefinger and out pops the microfiber material! You can take this with you and always have a way to keep your things clean. Select a background color and have your company logo printed on this item before handing it out. That way, you make the biggest impact with your clients!
$0.91 and up
Now, you can get even more of what you love with a large quantity of the Synthetix(TM) cloth bulk. It's got a soft microfiber that works great against smooth surfaces to clear them of dirt, dust, and nasty smudges. With this you have the chance to get your glasses or electronics to look like new. Imprint your company logo in full color and show your appreciation for your customers stopping by making this your giveaway!
$0.54 and up
Have your clearest vision yet with this ultra set. Packed in a clear, drawstring bag is a white, 4 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner and a 6" x 6" microfiber cloth. This is the perfect kit for keeping your eyeglasses or electronics completely clean! Don't forget to print your name to this item! When clients get this they'll see that you're spot-on about keeping the spots off and continue coming back to you for your services!
$3.26 and up
Open up this neat, compact vinyl pouch to reveal a 6" x 6" cloth. It's great for clearing smudges and fingerprints on glasses, electronics, and jewelry. It even comes in full color! Your logo will show up alongside a QR code for a presentation that your clients won't be able to miss! Make this available to them at the next tradeshow or event and generate a buzz that will take your company to the next level!
$1.05 and up
Open a drawstring bag to reveal all that you'll need for eyeglass maintenance. This premium collection includes a clear 4 fl oz. bottle of cleaner and a 6" x 6" microfiber cloth. Also included is a repair kit that has 1 screwdriver, 2 soft nose pads, 4 screws and 2 temple spacers. Don't hesitate to make your clients happy. Imprint your name on this item and hand it out to them. They'll trust and appreciate your commitment to their satisfaction.
$3.63 and up
Give your business a clean promotion with this handy pack of cleaning cloths! This three-pack provides cloths for a variety of places, including home, car, work, or anywhere you need to keep one handy. Measuring 6" x 6", the white surface of each cloth has ample space for an imprint of your company name or logo. Great for tradeshows, optometry offices, corporate events and more - create and eye-catching product to give your brand some extra exposure!
$1.90 and up
Nothing's better than microfiber to keep your things clean and scratch-free. You get exactly that with the ultra cleaner. Just wipe your tablet screens, smartphones, glasses, or monitors and immediately see the difference between that and using an old T-shirt or rag. Add your artwork to this item using our full color process and create a product that stands out and wows your audience!
$2.27 and up
Get double the exposure with our 5" x 7" cleaner cloth! One side features your full color branding while the other has terry microfiber fabric that works great against smudges and fingerprints on smooth surfaces. Your glasses and electronic screens will look as good as new! Take advantage of our colorful imprint method and give out a promotional product that your clients will use again and again!
$2.75 and up
Get rid of unsightly smudges when you use the suede cloth. It's measured at a large 12" x 12", allowing its microfiber fabric to clean things like tablet screens in one quick swipe. The vinyl pouch that holds it keeps it safe and makes this a very portable item. Choose from four colors, imprint your logo with a QR code, and make the biggest impact on your clients when you give this to them.
$2.04 and up
If you want to generate a big buzz, look no further than the options you get from this Cloth Card Combo(TM). Anything you put on this item, from notifications of upcoming events or new products and services, will be advertised in full color along with an amazingly soft microfiber material in a clear attached envelope. People who would normally ignore your ad will certainly give it some attention now that they're getting something!
$1.78 and up
With the Premium collection, you'll begin to see everything clearly. Inside of a drawstring bag sits a clear 2 fl. oz. bottle of cleaning solution, a 6" x 6" microfiber cloth and an eyeglass repair kit (including 1 screwdriver, 2 soft nose pads, 4 screws and 2 temple spacers). The container measures 5.25" x 1.25", and the liquid inside will allow you to clean glasses and electronics with ease! Give this to customers to generate a big buzz for your business!
$3.43 and up
You can make a big splash with this cloth. Aside from the soft, 9" x 12" microfiber fabric, you can imprint amazing, custom full color artwork with a QR code to draw the eyes of everyone around! It's great for wiping away smudges on glasses and electronics and comes packed in a vinyl pouch for easy transportation. When your clients come to you, they'll love receiving this as a gift!
$2.14 and up
The ultra Opper Fiber(R) cleaner kit in drawstring bag is all you need to keep your things clean. You get a clear 2 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner (measured at 5.25" x 1.25") and a 6" x 6" microfiber cloth. You also get a repair set that includes 1 screwdriver, 2 soft nose pads, 4 screws and 2 temple spacers. Now, all that's left is to imprint your company name. When your clients see this, they'll appreciate the care you give for the upkeep of their items.
$3.45 and up
Take care of your tablets or other electronics with the classic care kit. Included is an Opper Optics (R) spray cleaner that's imprinted with a single-colored logo, a large drawstring bag with a one-color print and a tablet-sized full color Opper Fiber (R) in vinyl pouch. This is great for maintaining the look and function of your devices. Put your brand on this set and grab the attention you deserve from your clients!
$5.21 and up
Deliver your message in simple way with this Full-Color Snap Pack Cleaner Kit! This convenient and portable kit combines our proprietary Ultra cloth and our specially formulated cleaning solution to give a streak free shine to any touch screen, eyewear, computer screen and any other sensitive surface. Available with a wide variety of cloth colors, you can also add an imprint of your logo or company name for maximum brand exposure! Optional repair kit includes: 1 screwdriver, 2 soft nose pads, 2 temple spacers and 4 screws.
$3.09 and up
Enjoy a clear view behind spot-free lenses after using the ultra set. Aside from a repair kit (which includes 1 screwdriver, 2 soft nose pads, 4 screws and 2 temple spacers), you get a white 4 fl. oz. bottle of cleaner and a 6" x 6" microfiber cloth all inside of a clear, drawstring bag! That's plenty to make sure your glasses and electronics stay in their best shape. Imprint this item with your company name and give this to clients. You'll have a successful promotion and increase business with the simplest of solutions!
$3.73 and up
Your precious items will all have a spotless look after using the ultra cleaning cloth! It's made of a microfiber fabric that's thicker and heavier than our normal offerings and it measures at a size of 12" x 12". It's great for a quick wipe of your tablet, glasses, jewelry and much more. It'll have your eye-catching design imprinted on it in full color with a QR code! Anyone who sees this will immediately inquire more about your business!
$1.79 and up
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